Signed the Loan Docs!

We signed our loan documents tonight!!

CJ is in North Carolina so he had a Notary Public come to his hotel at 8PM to sign everything and I had come to my parent’s house at 6PM to sign all the documents. It took at least a half hour to go over everything.

I wanted to document this momentous occasion so I asked CJ to take a picture of him signing since we couldn’t do it together. This is the photo he sent me, he’s such a goof. I obviously wanted to see a picture of more than just his hand!

Annndddd here’s me signing!

As far as next steps, we might have to wait for the lender to receive the hard copies of CJ’s signatures (which is a bit ridiculous, what year is it? 1800?) and then it will be funded. We could either close on Friday or Monday. With their track history, it will be Monday but we’ll see, maybe they’ll be speedy!

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