Kitchen Remodel Plans

So, we met with our kitchen cabinet guy and contractor Wednesday night and reviewed the sketches for the new kitchen. We CAN’T WAIT to get started. Here’s how the kitchen looks right now:

The layout closes off the kitchen so we’re going to extend the countertop on the left wall, put in a center island, and relocate all the appliances. We’re still trying to figure out what wall color and countertop color we want but we’re thinking it will end up looking similar to this (obviously on a smaller scale and with stainless steel appliances):

Below are the sketches for the kitchen… SOOOO EXCITED!!!

One thought on “Kitchen Remodel Plans

  1. I created a blog just so I could comment on your blog. (I already commented and then deleted it because I wanted to change it but I am not sure if that last one shows up as deleted or if it disappears, haha). I am so excited for you guys and I can't wait to see your new house! Congratulations, Homeowners! 🙂

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